Foot Traffic in Retail

How Studying Foot Traffic Was Made Possible by Big Data

Researching foot traffic with the help of modern technology has provided many small and medium business owners with new opportunities for growth and profit maximization. Incredible sales figures do not appear out of nowhere - most often, competent businessmen convert a large flow of pedestrian traffic into high sales, using every opportunity to study the behavior of visitors.

If you are wondering why measuring foot traffic was not thought of before, then you are mistaken. These indicators have been part of general marketing strategies since at least the 50s, but due to limited resources and technical capabilities, they have long acted as an additional option to traditional advertising channels.

Today you have technologies that were not available in the past - this is the study of foot traffic patterns of your visitors using machine learning and AI, as well as the compilation of heat maps that allow you to find out the weakest points in a store or sales floor. GetPlace understands the complexity of working with such data and offers a convenient business intelligence platform - just call!

How Technological Innovation Helps Measure Retail Foot Traffic

The easiest way to work with pedestrian traffic in retail today is to count the number of active smartphones of visitors - by reading the ID, measurement systems show quite accurately how many people have visited your store today.

Also, the creation of geofences for marketing efforts contributes to the success of the overall development of the marketing strategy - by attracting a certain number of visitors, you can see how often they make purchases, and how many of them visited your store thanks to the ads placed the day before (with the same geofences)

GetPlace Platform: How Foot Traffic Study Can Be Accessible for Everyone

If earlier the study of foot traffic was associated with huge costs and hiring consultants from large marketing firms, today we can offer you a much more elegant and affordable way - this is the GetPlace platform, where we provide accurate data on the subscription model of work. You no longer need to worry about the accuracy of the data or the collection of information for a certain period - all this is at your disposal today.

By using new channels and tools to understand your visitors, you can significantly increase the conversion to sales through targeted marketing using geofences, as well as studying the general patterns of visitor behavior through heat maps and other information we provide. Sound interesting? Then contact us!

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