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Data Source FAQ

What is the data source for footfall and vehicle traffic?

We have partnered with an aggregator of mobile apps, which has developed an innovative dataset and approach to support a detailed understanding of pedestrian and non-pedestrian movement modalities at microgeographic levels. The key source of input data is SDK-sourced GPS coordinates from almost 7 million mobile devices in the UK.

The mobile data is sourced from various apps representing various user types to capture representative and robust coordinate data per unique device that best reflects the population. The data is collected via mobile applications installed on smartphones and opted in by users. If the device has a specific app installed and location data collection is enabled, then this data will be accessible.

The mobility data for the UK is sourced from 1000+ apps (Lifestyle, Sports, Finance, Video Players, News/Magazines, Social Networking, Entertainment/Games, Video Players, Communications, Tools, etc) and provides raw data per unique device.

Can this data be trusted?

To maintain the accuracy and representative robustness of the human mobility data, a combination of elements is used:

Does this data adhere to GDPR?

The data sets don’t contain User IDs, Phone Numbers, Emails, Addresses, Names, or any Personally Identifiable Information. The data sets do contain aggregated (Footfall) and abstract (Brand Affinities) data derivatives and adhere to GDPR.

What's the demographics data source?

We combine and enrich the data utilizing multiple sources:

What's the competitors data source?

We have partnered with Google to provide the most recent and accurate data on the competitors around the chosen location.

What's the amenities data source?

To provide the most recent and accurate information on points of interest around the chosen location we cross-reference data from open-source OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Google.

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