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It’s very useful to have Getplace tools by my side. I much prefer to see facts and figures and act on them before anybody else does.
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Graham Atkinson
Owner / Director
Homies Pizza and Butta Burger
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What is included in the subscription

  • Footfall, Households and F&B Heat Maps
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Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the subscription.
It’s very useful to have Getplace tools by my side. I much prefer to see facts and figures and act on them before anybody else does.
Graham Atkinson photo
Graham Atkinson
Owner / Director
Homies Pizza and Butta Burger

Location analytics platform

to find your next best site

Uncover hidden location insights and make rational decisions before signing the contract

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Ensure strong performance of your stores

Our Location Analytics Software is designed for offline businesses to check the locations instantly to ensure strong performance and positive revenue flow.

We combine multiple data sources needed to find the best spaces on the market and avoid risks of failure.

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Available for the whole UK

Our location data platform and its tools cover data on the entire country.

Tools for Food & Beverage businesses

We specifically design our tools for the Food & Beverage businesses as this is the field of our expertise and experience.

Whether you're just starting or looking to expand, is the perfect tool for anyone in the market for commercial real estate.

"When we only started planning to expand, we began to study the commercial real estate market, and realized that there is very little information available, and the one that exists is quite biased.

For example, we couldn’t rely on the reports of the real estate agents, because they are biased towards closing the deal. For us and other small and medium-sized businesses, when the price of a mistake in choosing a location is very high, Getplace tools are necessary and help base our decisions on the hard and reliable data."

Hermanth Bollini LinkedIn Logo

Hemanth Bollini

German Doner Kebab

Multi Unit Franchisee

"I recently came across location reports, and I must say it has impacted how I evaluate potential franchise locations.

The reports provide a wealth of valuable information enabling me to make well-informed decisions. One particularly useful feature is the ability to analyze the age distribution of the local population. This played an important part when I confirmed my feeling that the majority of residents in a particular location were older than our target audience. Armed with this insightful data, I made the informed choice not to sign the lease, saving valuable resources."

Graham Atkinson LinkedIn Logo

Graham Atkinson

Hommies Pizza UK

Owner / Director

"It’s very useful to have Getplace location intelligence tools by my side during the process of finding a new site because it allows me to make more informed and quick decisions.

I much prefer to see facts and figures and don’t want to open new sites based only on my opinion.

Moreover, some of the available sites in major cities aren’t there for long so I need to make quick decisions before anybody else does."

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Reliable Data

We get our data from the trusted partners and cross check it with other sources.

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Location Reports

GetPlace Location Report Mobile Screen

Check the location right on the spot with the data on the footfall, vehicle traffic, demographics, competitors and amenities.

Learn more about Reports

Heat Maps

GetPlace Location Heat Map Mobile Screen

Review different layers of the heat map, like footfall, density of households, and F&B businesses, to find hidden opportunities.

Learn about Heat Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Location Analytics Tool?

A Location Analytics Tool is a software or platform that leverages geographical data to provide insights and analysis based on location-specific information. It helps businesses understand customer behavior, optimize operations, and make informed decisions by visualizing data on maps and generating reports tailored to geographical contexts.

How Can Location Analytics Benefit My Business?

Location analytics can benefit your business in numerous ways. It allows you to analyze customer demographics, track foot traffic, optimize sales territories, and identify the best locations for expansion. By harnessing location data, you can improve marketing strategies, enhance customer experiences, and increase operational efficiency.

What Is Location Analytics Software?

Location Analytics Software is a specialized software solution designed to process and analyze location-based data. It often includes features like mapping, spatial analysis, and data visualization tools. This software enables businesses to unlock valuable insights from geographical data, supporting smarter decision-making.

What Sets a Location Data Platform Apart?

A Location Data Platform is a comprehensive solution that collects, stores, and manages location-based data from various sources. It goes beyond analytics and offers data aggregation, storage, and integration capabilities. Location Data Platforms are ideal for businesses that need a central repository for location data to fuel their analytics and intelligence efforts.

How Does a Location Intelligence Platform Enhance Decision-Making?

A Location Intelligence Platform combines location data with other datasets to provide holistic insights. It empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions by offering spatial analysis, predictive modeling, and visualization tools. This platform can help businesses identify trends, spot opportunities, and mitigate risks in a location-specific context, making it a valuable asset for strategic planning.
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