Local Market

Researching the local market is crucial when choosing a location for a restaurant in Middlesbrough because it provides valuable insights that can influence your decision-making process. By studying the local market, you can identify the types of cuisine, dining experiences, and price points that are in demand. This knowledge helps you align your restaurant concept and menu with the preferences of the target audience in Middlesbrough, increasing the chances of attracting customers.

Market research allows you to identify existing restaurants in the area that offer similar cuisine or target the same customer base. Understanding the competition helps you assess the level of saturation in the market and identify gaps that you can fill or unique selling points that can differentiate your restaurant.

Local Competition

Assessing the existing restaurants in the area allows you to determine the level of market saturation. If there are already many restaurants offering similar cuisine or targeting the same customer base, it may indicate a highly competitive market. In such cases, you might need to carefully consider your competitive advantage and the potential for capturing a share of the market.

Competition evaluation helps you identify gaps or unmet needs in the market. By understanding available cuisine types and dining experiences, you can find opportunities to differentiate your restaurant and offer something unique. This could involve specializing in a specific cuisine, focusing on a particular dining style, or providing a unique ambiance or service that sets you apart from competitors.

Target Customers

Picking target customers plays a crucial role in choosing the location for your restaurant in Middlesbrough. Identifying your target customers helps you understand their age, income, and lifestyle preferences. This information is valuable when selecting a location because different areas of Middlesbrough may have varying demographics. For example, if your target customers are young professionals, you may want to consider locations near office complexes or urban areas. If you're targeting families, areas close to residential neighborhoods or parks might be more suitable.

Choosing a location that is in proximity to your target customer base ensures convenience and accessibility. Consider the areas where your target customers live, work, or frequent. For example, if your target customers are university students, you might want to consider locations near college campuses. Being located near your target customers increases the likelihood of attracting and retaining their patronage.

Oval Restaurant in Middlesbrough


Accessibility plays a crucial role in choosing a location for a restaurant in Middlesbrough. A location that is easily accessible to customers encourages them to visit your restaurant. Consider the proximity to main roads, highways, and public transportation options. Being located in a convenient and easily reachable area increases the opportunities of attracting both local customers and visitors to Middlesbrough.

Accessibility can contribute to higher foot traffic, especially in areas with a high volume of pedestrians. Footfall heatmaps, for example, can help you to evaluate potential traffic in preferred areas, shopping malls or avenues. Choosing a location with good visibility and exposure to passing foot traffic increases the chances of capturing spontaneous customers who may notice your restaurant while walking or driving by. Look for areas with popular attractions, shopping centers, or busy commercial districts.

Infrastructure and Utilities

It is important to ensure that the chosen location has access to basic infrastructure and utilities such as water, electricity, and gas. These services are vital for the smooth operation of a restaurant. Verify that the location is connected to reliable utility networks and that the capacity meets your restaurant's requirements.

Restaurants need to adhere to health and safety regulations to ensure the well-being of customers and employees. When selecting a location, consider whether it meets the necessary health and safety requirements. This includes aspects such as proper waste management systems, ventilation, fire safety measures, and compliance with food handling regulations.

Rental Cost and Expenses

Rental cost and operational expenses are crucial factors to consider when choosing a location for a restaurant in Middlesbrough.

Rental cost and operational expenses directly impact your restaurant's financial viability. It's essential to set a budget for these expenses and consider locations that align with your financial capabilities. Understanding your budgetary constraints helps you narrow down options and make financially sustainable decisions.

Depending on the condition of the chosen location, you may need to invest in renovations or build-outs to create a functional and appealing restaurant space. Consider the costs associated with these improvements when evaluating the rental cost and overall expenses. Balancing the cost of renovations with the potential return on investment is essential.

Aroma Restaurant in Middlesbrough

Ancillary Costs

Ancillary costs are important factors when choosing a location for a restaurant in Middlesbrough.

Property taxes can vary depending on the location and the assessed value of the property. Higher property taxes can significantly impact your overall expenses and profitability. Research the property tax rates in different areas of Middlesbrough and factor them into your financial projections when evaluating potential locations.


By carefully considering everything mentioned in this article, conducting thorough research, and seeking expert advice, you can increase the chances of selecting a suitable location for your restaurant in Middlesbrough.

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