Stockton Town Centre

When opening a business in Stockport, it is important to keep in mind the details about each successful area of the city - today we will cover the top 5 locations for business in Stockport in detail

Town Centre – Best for Shopping and Retail

Stockport Town Centre stands out as a premier business destination within Stockport, Greater Manchester. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and dynamic footfall, the Town Centre offers an ideal setting for various businesses. Its central location and accessibility via road and rail networks make it convenient for both customers and employees. The diverse mix of retail stores, dining establishments, and cultural venues ensures a constant flow of visitors, presenting ample opportunities for exposure and customer engagement.

The Town Centre's historic charm blends seamlessly with modern amenities, creating a unique backdrop for businesses to establish a strong presence. Its strategic positioning within the town's economic landscape, coupled with ongoing revitalization efforts, contributes to its allure. With proactive support from local authorities and business associations, Stockport Town Centre fosters a collaborative environment that benefits startups, established enterprises, and creative ventures alike.

Stockport Exchange – Best for Office Spaces

Stockport Exchange stands as a prominent hub for businesses within Stockport, Greater Manchester. This modern business district boasts a strategic location adjacent to the train station, enhancing connectivity for both clients and employees. Its contemporary office spaces are designed to accommodate diverse industries, making it an attractive choice for enterprises seeking a professional environment.

The proximity to transportation facilitates easy access to Manchester and other major cities, broadening business networks and market reach. Stockport Exchange's integrated urban plan seamlessly combines commercial, residential, and leisure spaces, fostering a well-rounded ecosystem that supports work-life balance. The district's commitment to sustainability and smart infrastructure further elevates its appeal.

With its innovative design, accessibility, and commitment to fostering a progressive business environment, Stockport Exchange emerges as a prime location for companies aiming to establish a strong presence within Stockport and beyond.

Hazel Grove

Hazel Grove – Best for Enterprise

Hazel Grove, nestled within Stockport, Greater Manchester, emerges as a thriving locale for businesses. This bustling suburban area offers a unique blend of commercial prospects and community engagement. Its strategic location and accessibility via road networks provide convenience for customers and employees alike.

Hazel Grove's vibrant local atmosphere creates a supportive foundation for a wide range of enterprises, from small businesses to larger ventures. The presence of diverse shops, eateries, and services ensures a steady flow of foot traffic, generating exposure and potential clientele. This tight-knit community fosters a sense of loyalty among residents, providing businesses with opportunities to build strong customer relationships.

The area's commitment to community events and local collaborations further enriches the business environment, encouraging a symbiotic relationship between businesses and residents. As such, Hazel Grove presents an appealing prospect for enterprises seeking a balanced blend of commercial opportunities and community integration within the larger context of Stockport.

Gorsey Bank – Best for Industrial and Logistics

Gorsey Bank, situated in Stockport, Greater Manchester, holds a distinct appeal as a prime business location. This industrial estate offers a strategic setting for companies seeking functional spaces within an accessible framework. Its proximity to major road networks enhances logistical efficiency, facilitating easy movement of goods and services.

The well-equipped industrial units cater to a variety of industries, from manufacturing to distribution, providing businesses with tailored spaces to suit their operational needs. The estate's positioning within Stockport's economic landscape ensures access to a skilled workforce and potential partnerships, bolstering growth opportunities.

Gorsey Bank's presence contributes to the town's economic diversity, creating a hub for industrial activities. With its practical infrastructure, convenient location, and potential for collaboration, Gorsey Bank emerges as an attractive choice for businesses aiming to establish a strong operational base within the dynamic environment of Stockport.


Merseyway Industrial Estate – Best for Manufacturing

Merseyway Industrial Estate, a notable business location in Stockport, Greater Manchester, offers a conducive environment for light manufacturing and distribution enterprises. Its adaptable spaces cater to a range of operational needs, making it an appealing choice for businesses seeking functional facilities.

Strategically positioned, the estate benefits from its proximity to major transportation routes, enabling streamlined logistics and easy access for suppliers and customers. This accessibility enhances operational efficiency and market reach. The estate's integration within Stockport's economic landscape provides networking opportunities and potential partnerships.

Merseyway Industrial Estate's contribution to the local economy and its role in supporting businesses in their growth endeavors underscore its significance. With its practicality, convenient location, and potential for industry-specific collaborations, it stands as a strong contender for businesses looking to establish a solid operational base within Stockport's diverse business landscape.


All these locations benefit from Stockport's strong local economy and skilled workforce. The collaborative initiatives between the town council and business organizations ensure a conducive environment for growth. Stockport's historical charm combined with contemporary amenities creates a unique backdrop for businesses to thrive. However, thorough market research and a tailored business plan are essential to leverage the opportunities these locations offer and establish a successful enterprise in Stockport. Don't forget about the GetPlace platform with convenient business analytics and the ability to compare important data in the format of simple comparison charts

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