Ocean Village

Ocean Village: Best for Leisure and Restaurants

Ocean Village stands as one of the premier business locations in Southampton, renowned for its exceptional waterfront setting and modern infrastructure. Situated on the shores of the Solent, Ocean Village's picturesque backdrop not only offers stunning views but also cultivates a unique ambiance that appeals to a diverse range of businesses.

Its blend of offices, restaurants, and recreational facilities creates a dynamic ecosystem where work seamlessly integrates with leisure. This environment is particularly attractive to businesses in the hospitality, leisure, and creative sectors, as it provides an unparalleled opportunity to engage both clients and employees in a vibrant atmosphere.

Ocean Village's strategic location enhances its appeal. Its proximity to the city center ensures easy access to essential amenities and a thriving business community, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. Additionally, the excellent transport links, including the nearby Southampton Central train station, make it convenient for clients and employees to reach the location.

The waterfront locale not only adds aesthetic value but also practical advantages. Businesses can leverage the scenic environment for corporate events, meetings, and team-building activities, enhancing their brand image and employee satisfaction.

The University of Southampton Science Park: Best for Science and Innovation

The University of Southampton Science Park stands out as a prime business location in Southampton due to its unique blend of innovation, collaboration, and access to cutting-edge resources. Situated at the intersection of academia and industry, this park provides a fertile ground for businesses aiming to thrive through research-driven growth.

At the heart of its appeal is the proximity to the University of Southampton, fostering a direct link to a wealth of research expertise and a pool of skilled graduates. This proximity facilitates collaboration, enabling businesses to tap into the latest advancements and trends, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

The Science Park's emphasis on interdisciplinary interaction further bolsters its attractiveness. The co-location of businesses across various sectors encourages cross-pollination of ideas, fostering an environment where innovative solutions are more likely to emerge.

Access to state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, and equipment is another key draw. This enables companies to undertake research and development activities without the substantial investment that standalone facilities would demand.

Furthermore, the Science Park's supportive ecosystem, including mentorship programs, networking events, and business support services, nurtures the growth of startups and established businesses alike.

In summary, the University of Southampton Science Park offers a distinctive proposition by providing proximity to academia, collaborative opportunities, advanced facilities, and a supportive ecosystem. Businesses seeking to leverage research-driven growth and foster innovation will find this location conducive to their aspirations.

Westquay Shopping Center

Westquay: Best for Shopping and Entertainment

Westquay stands as a highly desirable business location in Southampton due to its strategic blend of high footfall, diverse consumer base, and integrated infrastructure. Positioned as a bustling shopping and entertainment district, Westquay offers a unique opportunity for businesses in the retail and service sectors.

The location's central role in Southampton's urban fabric ensures a constant stream of visitors, creating an environment ripe for businesses to showcase their offerings to a wide and varied audience. The foot traffic, drawn by retail outlets, cinemas, restaurants, and leisure activities, provides an exceptional platform for visibility and engagement.

Westquay's accessibility is a key factor in its appeal. Well-connected to public transportation and major roadways, it offers convenient access for both customers and employees. This connectivity, coupled with ample parking facilities, ensures a seamless experience for those frequenting the area.

Additionally, the coexistence of diverse businesses within Westquay fosters cross-promotion and collaboration. Synergies can emerge between retailers, service providers, and entertainment establishments, enhancing the overall consumer experience.

The district's modern design and well-maintained infrastructure contribute to an attractive ambiance that aligns with the expectations of contemporary consumers. This aesthetically pleasing environment serves as a backdrop for businesses to create lasting impressions.

In conclusion, Westquay's high footfall, strategic location, accessibility, and collaborative atmosphere make it an exceptional choice for businesses in the retail and service sectors. Its vibrant ecosystem provides ample opportunities for growth, visibility, and engagement within Southampton's dynamic urban landscape.

Central Business District: Best for Corporations

Southampton's Central Business District stands as a prime choice for businesses seeking a strategic and well-established location. Positioned at the heart of the city, this district offers a comprehensive blend of accessibility, amenities, and a thriving business community.

The district's central positioning ensures convenient access to essential services, public transportation hubs, and major roadways, facilitating the movement of both clients and employees. This accessibility not only streamlines operations but also enhances the potential for networking and collaboration among neighboring businesses.

The concentration of commercial activities within the Central Business District cultivates a dynamic atmosphere where professionals from various industries converge. This close proximity nurtures opportunities for cross-sector partnerships, knowledge exchange, and market insights.

A wealth of amenities, including restaurants, cafes, and cultural venues, creates an engaging environment that caters to both work and leisure needs. This contributes to a balanced work-life experience and aids in attracting and retaining talent.

Furthermore, the district's established reputation as a business hub instills a sense of credibility and visibility for companies operating within its confines. Clients, partners, and investors often perceive businesses located here as well-positioned and connected.

Southampton Airport

Southampton Airport: Best for Logistics and Global-Oriented Business

Southampton Airport stands as a strategic and advantageous business location in Southampton, particularly for enterprises with substantial travel requirements and a global focus. Its proximity to international air travel and its well-connected infrastructure make it an attractive choice.

The airport's accessibility ensures seamless connections for business travelers and facilitates efficient access for clients, partners, and stakeholders from around the world. This location reduces travel time and costs, enhancing the feasibility of conducting international business operations.

For industries such as import/export, logistics, and consulting, the airport's proximity is a substantial asset. It expedites the movement of goods and personnel, contributing to streamlined supply chains and project management.

Moreover, the airport's presence enhances Southampton's overall connectivity, positioning the city as a gateway for international commerce and collaboration. This bolsters the city's reputation and attractiveness as a business destination.

Businesses that require face-to-face interactions with clients or partners overseas can benefit greatly from Southampton Airport's easy access to numerous global destinations. This advantage can potentially result in increased market expansion, revenue growth, and strengthened business relationships.


Each of these locations presents distinct advantages, allowing businesses to choose based on their industry, target audience, and operational needs. Southampton's diverse offerings ensure that enterprises of all sizes and domains can find a suitable and conducive environment to thrive. The GetPlace platform will help you more easily compare business intelligence data and choose the best place to do business in Southampton

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