Hollinwood – Best for Logistics and Transportation

Hollinwood stands out as one of the prime business locations in Oldham due to its strategic advantages and accessible infrastructure. Situated conveniently near the M60 motorway and the Hollinwood tram stop, it enjoys excellent connectivity for both commuting employees and the transportation of goods. This accessibility not only reduces logistical challenges but also widens the potential customer base.

Moreover, Hollinwood's history as an industrial center adds to its appeal, lending a sense of character and authenticity to the business environment. The area offers a range of commercial spaces suitable for various industries, making it adaptable to diverse business needs.

Hollinwood's location near key transportation routes and its historical significance combine to create an environment that supports business growth and prosperity. These factors, along with the potential for local collaboration and partnerships, make Hollinwood an attractive destination for businesses seeking a strategic foothold in Oldham.

Chadderton – Best for Industrial Business

Chadderton emerges as a prominent business location in Oldham due to its well-established infrastructure and versatile offerings. The presence of industrial estates and commercial spaces within the area provides a conducive environment for diverse businesses. Its accessibility is enhanced by the A62 and A663 roads, facilitating easy connections to the broader region.

With a rich history deeply intertwined with the industrial heritage of Oldham, Chadderton adds a unique character to its business landscape. This historical significance can resonate well with customers and partners, creating a sense of authenticity.

Chadderton's strategic positioning also supports efficient supply chain management and distribution, crucial for businesses reliant on transportation. The mix of traditional values and modern amenities enhances the overall appeal for businesses seeking a location that combines heritage with practicality. All these factors together contribute to making Chadderton a compelling choice for businesses looking to establish or expand their presence in Oldham.

Broadway Business Park in Oldham

Broadway Business Park – Best for Networking Business

Broadway Business Park is a compelling choice for businesses seeking a modern and well-equipped location in Oldham. Its contemporary facilities and strategic positioning create an environment conducive to growth and innovation. The proximity to major transportation routes, including the M60 motorway, ensures easy accessibility for employees, clients, and the transportation of goods.

The park's setup often fosters networking and collaboration among businesses co-located in the same area. This synergy can lead to valuable partnerships and shared insights. Additionally, the availability of modern amenities and services within the park can streamline daily operations and enhance employee satisfaction.

The location's commitment to providing up-to-date infrastructure aligns with the needs of forward-looking businesses. This, combined with its supportive ecosystem and accessibility, positions Broadway Business Park as an attractive hub for businesses aiming to establish a strong presence in Oldham while benefitting from a contemporary and well-connected environment.

Town Centre – Best for Global-oriented Business and Retail

Oldham Town Centre emerges as a dynamic and vibrant business location, offering a fusion of historical charm and modern conveniences. Its blend of architectural heritage and contemporary amenities creates an inviting atmosphere that draws in a diverse clientele. The Town Centre's central location makes it easily accessible to both local residents and visitors, ensuring a steady flow of foot traffic.

The presence of various retail spaces, from local boutiques to renowned brands, caters to a wide range of business ventures. This diversity fosters competition and innovation, driving business growth. Additionally, the Town Centre's cultural events and festivals contribute to a lively ambiance, potentially boosting business visibility during such occasions.

Furthermore, the Town Centre's accessibility via public transportation encourages sustainable commuting, aligning with evolving consumer preferences. In conclusion, Oldham Town Centre's blend of history, accessibility, and vibrant commercial environment positions it as a prime location for businesses to thrive and connect with a diverse customer base.

The Northern Quarter in Oldham

The Northern Quarter – Best for High-Tech and Creative Business

The Northern Quarter in Oldham stands out as a burgeoning hub for innovative businesses, particularly in the creative, arts, and technology sectors. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and youthful energy, this area attracts a dynamic and diverse demographic. The blend of historic architecture with modern establishments creates an inspiring backdrop for businesses seeking a unique identity.

This location's creative environment encourages collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas, fostering innovation and pushing boundaries. The community-driven spirit of the Northern Quarter can facilitate networking opportunities, enabling businesses to forge meaningful partnerships.

Moreover, the Northern Quarter's appeal extends to both employees and customers, as its eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and cultural spaces creates an engaging environment. With its proximity to public transportation options, it is easily accessible, aligning with sustainable commuting trends.

In essence, the Northern Quarter's blend of creativity, accessibility, and community engagement makes it an attractive locale for businesses aiming to tap into a dynamic market and thrive within an innovative ecosystem.


In conclusion, Hollinwood, Chadderton, Oldham Town Centre, Broadway Business Park, and the Northern Quarter each present unique advantages for businesses, ranging from accessibility and historical charm to modern amenities and creative environments. Careful consideration of the specific industry and target audience will aid in choosing the optimal location for success in Oldham's business landscape. And thanks to the wide range of business intelligence platform GetPlace, you can find the best location for your future business in Oldham without any hassle! Try it today!

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