The Market Square in Northampton

The Market Square – Best for Retail and Hospitality

The Market Square stands out as one of the premier business locations in Northampton due to its central role as a dynamic hub of activity. With its historical significance and strategic position, it attracts a steady flow of foot traffic, making it an ideal spot for retail, hospitality, and service-oriented businesses. The Square's vibrant atmosphere and surrounding cafes and boutiques create a bustling environment that naturally draws in potential customers.

The central location of the Market Square ensures high visibility, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to establish a strong presence and engage with a diverse customer base. Its historical charm adds character to any venture, while its accessibility through public transportation enhances its appeal. Overall, the Market Square's combination of historical significance, foot traffic, and vibrant surroundings makes it a prime location for businesses seeking a thriving and bustling setting to flourish in Northampton.

Franklins Gardens – Best for PR-based Business

Franklins Gardens, renowned as the home of the Northampton Saints rugby team, also stands as an exceptional location for businesses in Northampton. Beyond its sporting significance, the venue offers versatile event spaces that cater to a range of corporate needs. With state-of-the-art facilities, Franklins Gardens becomes an innovative hub for conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and networking events.

The unique blend of modern infrastructure and the excitement associated with a sporting arena creates an engaging environment for business activities. This distinct backdrop not only provides a captivating atmosphere but also sets the stage for memorable interactions. Its strategic location within Northampton adds to its allure, ensuring easy access for attendees. Consequently, Franklins Gardens serves as a dynamic space that allows businesses to host impactful events, fostering connections and collaborations while benefiting from its vibrant and multifunctional ambiance.

The Moulton Park in Northampton

Moulton Park – Best for Office Spaces

Moulton Park stands out as a premier business location in Northampton due to its established reputation as a thriving business park. Its strategic position on the outskirts of the town provides an ideal blend of accessibility and functionality. The park offers modern office spaces equipped with essential amenities, catering to a range of businesses seeking a professional environment.

The strategic location of Moulton Park, with its easy access to major transportation routes, enhances its appeal for companies requiring seamless connectivity. This proximity streamlines logistics and enables efficient interaction with clients and partners. The park's well-maintained infrastructure and ample parking facilities provide convenience to both employees and visitors.

Furthermore, Moulton Park's established community of businesses fosters a collaborative atmosphere, enabling networking and knowledge exchange. Its combination of functional spaces, strategic location, and a supportive business ecosystem makes Moulton Park an excellent choice for enterprises aiming to establish a strong and practical presence within Northampton.

The Cultural Quarter – Best for Creative and Innovative Business

The Cultural Quarter stands as a unique and inspiring business location in Northampton, known for its vibrant blend of artistic and commercial elements. Situated around Guildhall Road, this area fosters an atmosphere conducive to creative enterprises and innovation. The presence of galleries, theaters, and creative studios creates an environment that fuels imaginative thinking and collaboration.

For businesses in media, arts, design, and related fields, the Cultural Quarter offers more than just office space—it provides an ecosystem where like-minded professionals can connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative projects. The artistic backdrop adds a distinct character to the area, attracting not only clients but also talent seeking a dynamic and culturally enriched work environment.

The Cultural Quarter's strategic position within Northampton ensures accessibility, and its unconventional ambiance offers a refreshing departure from traditional business settings. It's an enclave where businesses can thrive by harnessing creativity, embracing diversity, and engaging with a community that values imaginative endeavors.

The Waterside Zone in Northampton

The Waterside Enterprise Zone – Best for Logistics

The Waterside Enterprise Zone stands as a promising business destination in Northampton, defined by its forward-looking approach and advantageous offerings. Situated by the River Nene, this area provides a growing business district with incentives for investment and development. The proximity to water lends a unique aesthetic and recreational dimension to the location.

Businesses looking for a contemporary and well-connected environment will find the Waterside Enterprise Zone appealing. Its strategic location provides easy access to transportation networks, fostering efficient supply chains and facilitating client interactions. The incentives for investment, which may include tax benefits and support for growth, create a favorable climate for companies seeking to establish or expand their operations.

The Waterside Enterprise Zone's commitment to growth and innovation makes it an attractive prospect for businesses across various industries. It's a place where companies can capitalize on modern infrastructure, strategic positioning, and supportive policies, positioning themselves for success in Northampton's evolving economic landscape.


In conclusion, Northampton's prime business locations include the bustling Market Square, versatile Franklins Gardens, functional Moulton Park, inspiring Cultural Quarter, and the promising Waterside Enterprise Zone. Each locale offers a distinct ambiance and amenities, catering to a diverse range of businesses aiming for success. When planning to open a business in Northampton, take advantage of the GetPlace platform. Business analytics at its best - try it for free!

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