Boho 5 in Middlesbrough

The Boho Zone – Best for Tech and Innovation-oriented Business

The Boho Zone stands out as one of the premier locations for business in Middlesbrough due to its dynamic ecosystem that fosters innovation and technology-driven enterprises. Situated in the heart of the town, this hub provides a nurturing environment for startups and tech companies to flourish. It features modern, adaptable workspaces like Boho One and Boho Five, designed to encourage collaboration and creativity.

The Boho Zone's allure lies in its strategic networking opportunities, bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals. It acts as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and idea generation, propelling businesses forward. This location benefits from its close ties to academia, with Teesside University nearby, facilitating research partnerships and a skilled talent pool.

Moreover, its central location ensures accessibility, bolstered by excellent transport links. As a magnet for tech innovation, the Boho Zone encapsulates Middlesbrough's commitment to economic diversification and growth, making it an attractive destination for businesses seeking a cutting-edge environment to thrive in the digital age.

Tees Advanced Manufacturing Park – Best for Manufacturing Business

Tees Advanced Manufacturing Park (TeesAMP) stands as a prime business location in Middlesbrough, celebrated for its focus on advanced manufacturing and technological excellence. Positioned strategically near major transport routes and the Teesport, TeesAMP offers seamless connectivity for industries reliant on efficient logistics.

This location boasts state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure tailored to the needs of aerospace, automotive, and digital sectors. Its research and development centers enable businesses to innovate and collaborate, nurturing a competitive edge. TeesAMP's commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness further enhances its appeal.

By fostering a community of manufacturing and technological prowess, TeesAMP attracts a skilled workforce and encourages knowledge exchange between academia and industry. This synergy bolsters Middlesbrough's reputation as a hub of innovation, making TeesAMP a compelling choice for businesses seeking to capitalize on advanced manufacturing and cutting-edge technologies in a supportive and forward-looking environment.

The Riverside Business Park

The Riverside Park – Best for Logistics and Office Spaces

The Riverside Park emerges as a prominent business destination in Middlesbrough, distinguished by its strategic location and conducive environment. Situated along the picturesque River Tees, this area offers excellent connectivity, facilitated by its proximity to the A66 road and Teesport. This ensures seamless access to national and international markets, making it ideal for businesses reliant on efficient transportation and distribution.

Riverside Park's array of commercial spaces provides diverse options for companies of various sizes and industries. Its versatile infrastructure accommodates manufacturing, warehousing, and office spaces, catering to a wide spectrum of business needs. Additionally, the scenic riverside setting enhances the overall work environment, promoting employee satisfaction and well-being.

With its established reputation for hosting businesses across different sectors, Riverside Park encourages networking and collaboration. This blend of logistical convenience, adaptable spaces, and a supportive business community positions it as an attractive choice for enterprises seeking a strategic foothold in Middlesbrough.

Town Center – Best for Service and Entertainment Business

Middlesbrough's town center stands out as a compelling business location due to its ongoing redevelopment initiatives and central role in the town's commercial landscape. The town center offers a diverse mix of retail, hospitality, and professional services, creating a vibrant hub that attracts both local residents and visitors.

With its accessibility and pedestrian-friendly layout, the town center provides easy access to shops, offices, and entertainment venues, fostering a lively atmosphere that benefits businesses of all kinds. The ongoing revitalization efforts, particularly in areas like Dundas Street, enhance the aesthetic appeal and modern infrastructure, contributing to an inviting environment for customers and clients.

The town center's strategic position also ensures a constant flow of foot traffic and exposure for businesses, promoting visibility and growth. Its blend of historical charm and contemporary amenities showcases Middlesbrough's dedication to economic progress, making the town center an enticing destination for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.


These locations collectively offer a range of advantages, from technological innovation to logistical efficiency, making Middlesbrough an appealing destination for a variety of businesses. Each area has its own advantages and disadvantages, and to better understand which of the best business locations in Middlesbrough is right for you, use the business intelligence platform GetPlace. All business data, footfall maps, heat maps - in the format of convenient and easy-to-understand visual schemes! Try it for free!

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