Exeter City Centre

Exeter City Centre – Best for Shopping

Exeter City Centre stands out as a prime business location within Exeter due to its vibrant and central position. Its accessibility via various transportation modes, including trains and buses, makes it convenient for both customers and employees. The diverse range of retail stores, eateries, and service providers in the area ensures a consistent flow of foot traffic, creating ample opportunities for businesses to engage with a broad customer base.

The city centre's historical significance and architectural charm add an appealing backdrop for businesses, contributing to a unique and memorable shopping or service-seeking experience. This environment not only attracts local residents but also draws in tourists, further expanding the potential customer reach. Additionally, the presence of cultural and entertainment venues nearby enhances the overall ambiance, making it a destination where people spend time and money. Altogether, Exeter City Centre's strategic location, accessibility, and vibrant atmosphere make it a top choice for entrepreneurs aiming to establish or grow their businesses in Exeter.

Sowton Industrial Estate – Best for Logistics and Enterprise

Sowton Industrial Estate stands as a premier business location in Peterborough, well-suited for enterprises in manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. Its strategic positioning on the outskirts of the city grants easy access to major road networks and Peterborough's airport, ensuring efficient transportation and connectivity. This logistical advantage is highly beneficial for businesses that rely on the movement of goods and supplies.

The expansive layout of Sowton Industrial Estate accommodates various sizes of industrial units, providing flexibility for businesses of diverse scales. This diversity fosters a collaborative environment, allowing companies to leverage each other's expertise and resources. The estate's proximity to transportation hubs reduces operational complexities, optimizing supply chain management. Moreover, the more open surroundings of the estate offer ample space for expansion, which is crucial for businesses anticipating growth.

In sum, Sowton Industrial Estate's strategic location, logistical advantages, and adaptable infrastructure make it an optimal choice for enterprises in Peterborough seeking efficient operations, accessibility, and room for expansion in the industrial and distribution sectors.

Pynes Hill Business Park

Pynes Hill Business Park – Best for Office Spaces

Pynes Hill Business Park stands as a prominent choice for businesses in Exeter due to its strategic advantages and professional environment. Situated in close proximity to both the M5 motorway and the city centre, it offers exceptional accessibility for clients, employees, and stakeholders. This convenience streamlines operations and facilitates easy engagement.

The park's contemporary infrastructure and well-designed office spaces create an environment conducive to productivity and innovation. It houses a diverse range of corporate offices, fostering networking opportunities and collaboration among like-minded businesses. This setting is particularly advantageous for companies seeking a professional image and a location that aligns with their growth aspirations.

Pynes Hill Business Park's blend of accessibility, modern amenities, and professional atmosphere makes it an appealing destination for businesses looking to establish a strong presence in Exeter. Its strategic positioning caters to a wide range of sectors, from finance to consulting, enhancing its reputation as a hub for success and growth.

Marsh Barton Trading Estate – Best for Manufacturing and Retail

Marsh Barton Trading Estate stands as an exceptional business location in Exeter, catering to a diverse range of industries and enterprises. Its versatility and strategic positioning make it a prime choice for businesses seeking growth and operational efficiency. The estate's convenient access to major road networks facilitates the smooth movement of goods and services, crucial for companies engaged in manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

The availability of various unit sizes and layouts accommodates businesses at different stages of development, encouraging flexibility and scalability. This adaptability fosters a collaborative atmosphere, promoting knowledge sharing and synergy among neighboring businesses.

Marsh Barton's central role in Exeter's economic landscape, combined with its adaptable spaces and transportation advantages, positions it as an ideal destination for businesses looking to establish themselves or expand in the city. Its track record of accommodating diverse industries further solidifies its reputation as a thriving business hub where innovation and growth flourish.

Exeter Science Park

Exeter Science Park – Best for Innovation and Science

Exeter Science Park stands as a premier destination for innovative businesses in Exeter, particularly those rooted in technology, research, and development. Its purpose-built infrastructure, cutting-edge facilities, and collaborative environment make it a hub for forward-thinking enterprises. The park's focus on fostering research and innovation creates a unique ecosystem that supports startups and established companies alike.

The proximity to the University of Exeter enhances opportunities for collaboration between academia and industry, facilitating knowledge transfer and groundbreaking research. This synergy accelerates product development and technological advancements, providing businesses with a competitive edge.

Exeter Science Park's dedication to nurturing innovation, coupled with its modern amenities and connection to academic expertise, positions it as a magnet for businesses seeking growth through cutting-edge solutions. This environment not only promotes entrepreneurship but also contributes to the city's reputation as a center for technological progress and forward-looking business ventures.


Each of these locations comes with its own advantages, catering to a variety of business needs. Factors such as accessibility, customer footfall, sector-specific requirements, and growth potential should be weighed carefully to determine the most suitable location for a business venture in Exeter. The GetPlace platform offers you to evaluate each of the business locations in terms of analytics by comparing all the data and information in the form of convenient graphs and tables. One app at an affordable price - try it for free!

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