Chester Business Park

Chester Business Park – Best for Office Spaces and Networking

Chester Business Park stands out as a premier location for businesses in Chester due to its strategic advantages and modern infrastructure. Situated on the outskirts of the city, the park offers excellent connectivity to major road networks, enhancing accessibility for employees, clients, and partners. Its well-designed layout encompasses a mix of office spaces, conference facilities, and green surroundings, creating a productive and pleasant work environment.

The park's prestigious reputation attracts a diverse range of companies, fostering opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. This professional ecosystem encourages innovation and growth across industries. With a focus on sustainability and contemporary design, Chester Business Park presents a forward-thinking image that resonates with modern business practices.

Moreover, the park's proximity to key amenities, such as restaurants, hotels, and leisure facilities, contributes to the overall convenience and quality of work-life balance for employees. In essence, Chester Business Park offers an exceptional blend of accessibility, modern infrastructure, and a conducive atmosphere, making it a top choice for businesses seeking an advantageous location in Chester.

City Center – Best for Retail and Hospitality

Chester's city center stands as a prime business location, enriched by its historical charm and vibrant commercial activity. The convergence of retail, dining, entertainment, and office spaces creates a dynamic environment that naturally attracts foot traffic and potential customers. This bustling atmosphere provides businesses with unparalleled exposure and opportunities for engagement.

The city center's historical architecture and cultural significance add an element of prestige to businesses operating there, fostering a unique and memorable brand image. Its central location further facilitates accessibility for both local residents and tourists, enhancing the potential customer base.

Furthermore, the diverse mix of businesses within the city center creates a synergy that encourages collaboration and cross-promotion. Entrepreneurs and startups can benefit from the network of established companies and the flow of ideas that such an environment cultivates.

In conclusion, Chester's city center offers businesses a blend of historical allure, high visibility, and a collaborative ecosystem, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a location that resonates with both tradition and modern business dynamics.

Thornton Science Park

University of Chester's Thornton Science Park – Best for R&D

The University of Chester's Thornton Science Park stands out as a prime business location, particularly for technology-driven enterprises. With a strong emphasis on innovation and collaboration, the park offers a unique environment where academia and industry intersect. This fosters a dynamic ecosystem where businesses can tap into cutting-edge research, access specialized facilities, and engage with a pool of skilled graduates.

The park's connection to the university provides a platform for knowledge exchange and partnerships, enabling businesses to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, its purpose-built facilities and laboratories cater to a range of sectors, from advanced manufacturing to energy and environmental technologies.

Thornton Science Park's strategic positioning near major road networks enhances accessibility, facilitating easy interaction with clients and collaborators. In essence, the park offers a supportive and forward-looking environment for businesses seeking to innovate, grow, and forge meaningful connections with the academic and research community.

Saltney – Best for Logistics and Distribution

Saltney emerges as a strategic business location due to its advantageous position at the crossroads of Chester, England, and Wales. Its proximity to key transportation routes, including major highways and rail connections, positions it as a hub for distribution and logistics companies. This facilitates efficient movement of goods and easy access to broader markets.

The location's geographic significance enhances its appeal for businesses requiring seamless supply chain management and timely deliveries. Moreover, Saltney's accessibility offers a logistical advantage that can reduce operational costs and increase overall competitiveness.

Its strategic location doesn't compromise on amenities either, as nearby retail centers and services provide convenience for employees and clients alike. In summary, Saltney's logistical significance, coupled with its accessible amenities, makes it an attractive location for businesses aiming to optimize distribution networks and establish a strategic foothold in the wider region.


Overall, Chester's diverse business locations cater to various needs, ensuring a conducive environment for growth and success. When deciding to open a business in Saltney, refer to the GetPlace platform. Business intelligence, heat maps and the latest data - in a convenient and understandable format! Try it for free!

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