Blackpool The Promenade

The Promenade – Best for Tourism and Entertainment

The Promenade stands as a premier business location in Blackpool due to its iconic status and unparalleled exposure. Situated at the heart of Blackpool's vibrant tourism industry, it offers businesses a dynamic and high-footfall environment. The constant influx of tourists, coupled with the picturesque coastal setting, creates a unique backdrop for various enterprises.

Restaurants, entertainment venues, souvenir shops, and more thrive here, benefiting from the continuous flow of visitors exploring the area. The Promenade's central location and its close proximity to popular attractions make it a focal point for both locals and tourists alike. Businesses located here gain from exceptional visibility and the chance to engage with diverse audiences.

The Promenade's energetic atmosphere and strategic location make it an attractive choice for businesses aiming to tap into Blackpool's tourism-driven economy, providing an opportunity for growth and success in an iconic and bustling locale.

Blackpool Business Park – Best for Service-oriented Business

Blackpool Business Park stands out as one of the best business locations in Blackpool due to its strategic advantages. Situated in a well-connected area with easy access to major road networks, the park offers modern office spaces designed to foster productivity and collaboration. Its professional ambiance and proximity to key amenities create an attractive environment for a wide range of businesses.

The park's central location facilitates networking opportunities and accessibility for both clients and employees. Moreover, its proximity to the town center and transport links enhances convenience. Businesses located here benefit from a supportive community of like-minded professionals, aiding in potential partnerships and growth. Overall, Blackpool Business Park provides an ideal setting for businesses aiming to establish a strong presence in a dynamic and well-connected commercial hub.

Houndshill Shopping Centre

Houndshill Shopping Centre – Best for Shopping and Retail

Houndshill Shopping Centre holds a prominent position as one of the best business locations in Blackpool. Its central and bustling location in the heart of the town makes it a prime destination for both locals and tourists. The center's diverse mix of retail options, coupled with its steady foot traffic, provides businesses with a high level of exposure and potential customer engagement.

The convenience of its location ensures that businesses here benefit from a consistent flow of shoppers, creating ample opportunities for sales and brand visibility. The center's well-maintained and modern ambiance also adds to its appeal, creating a welcoming atmosphere for both shoppers and business owners.

Houndshill Shopping Centre's strategic position and vibrant environment make it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to tap into Blackpool's local and tourist-driven economy, offering a platform for growth and success.

Squires Gate Retail Park – Best for Local-oriented Business

Squires Gate Retail Park stands out as a top-tier business location in Blackpool due to its advantageous features. Situated in close proximity to residential areas and major transportation routes, the retail park offers businesses a convenient and easily accessible destination for shoppers. Its ample parking facilities enhance customer convenience, encouraging a steady stream of visitors.

The park's strategic location near residential neighborhoods ensures a consistent flow of local patrons, making it an attractive spot for businesses targeting the community market. This accessibility, combined with the variety of retail offerings, fosters a vibrant shopping environment that benefits both businesses and customers.

Squires Gate Retail Park's unique position as a hub for convenient shopping and services makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to establish a strong local presence while capitalizing on Blackpool's residential demographics. This location offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to thrive in a convenient and customer-friendly setting.

Blackpool Airport Enterpraise Zone

Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone – Best for Logistics and Tech Business

Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone emerges as a premier business location in Blackpool due to its specialized focus and strategic advantages. Centered around aviation and technology, this zone offers a unique environment for businesses in these sectors to flourish. The proximity to Blackpool Airport fosters collaboration and innovation within the aviation industry, while also attracting technology-oriented companies.

The enterprise zone's infrastructure is designed to support businesses with specialized needs, providing a conducive ecosystem for growth and development. Access to the airport facilitates easy transportation, which is particularly advantageous for aviation-related businesses.

Moreover, the focus on technology aligns with the evolving business landscape, attracting companies seeking to capitalize on technological advancements. Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone thus presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses to thrive in sectors with high growth potential, making it an attractive choice for those looking to establish a strong presence in innovative and specialized fields.


These aforementioned diverse locations cater to a range of businesses, providing them with opportunities to tap into Blackpool's unique blend of tourism, commerce, and local dynamics. Each area holds distinct advantages that align with different business. Use the GetPlace platform to compare and decide which of the top 5 business locations in Blackpool is best for you. Business intelligence, heat maps and correlation of all important data in the format of convenient graphs and charts that are easy to understand!

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