Hamilton Square in Birkenhead

Today, in an effort to help you choose the best place to start your business, on the GetPlace blog, we'll take a look at the top 5 locations for business in Birkenhead and recommend each one.

Hamilton Square – Best for Various Small Business 

Hamilton Square stands as one of the premier locations for businesses in Birkenhead due to its rich historical significance, architectural charm, and strategic accessibility. This Georgian-style square boasts a collection of well-preserved buildings that exude a sense of heritage and prestige, creating an ambiance that resonates with clients and partners. Its central location, in close proximity to key transportation hubs, facilitates easy commutes for both employees and clients.

The square's allure lies not only in its aesthetics but also in its practicality. It offers a diverse range of office spaces, accommodating businesses of various sizes and industries. This versatility, coupled with its historical prominence, imbues an element of credibility and character to businesses that choose to operate within its bounds. Whether attracting clients, nurturing professional relationships, or simply creating an inspiring workspace, Hamilton Square's blend of tradition and modern functionality makes it an exceptional choice for establishing and growing a successful business in Birkenhead.

Pyramids Shopping Centre – Best for Retail and Shopping Business

Pyramids Shopping Centre stands out as a prime business location in Birkenhead due to its strategic position and vibrant commercial environment. Situated at the heart of the town, the center offers an attractive proposition for retailers and businesses seeking a bustling, high-footfall setting. Its central location draws a diverse crowd, ensuring a constant flow of potential customers and clients.

The modern architecture and well-designed layout of the Pyramids Shopping Centre create an engaging atmosphere, conducive to capturing the attention of shoppers and visitors. This environment facilitates the establishment of a strong retail presence and provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services effectively. Moreover, the center's variety of shops and amenities foster a dynamic ecosystem, encouraging collaboration and networking among businesses.

For entrepreneurs looking to tap into Birkenhead's consumer base while enjoying the benefits of a modern commercial space, the Pyramids Shopping Centre offers an enticing blend of accessibility, visibility, and community engagement, making it a favorable location for businesses to thrive.

Wirral Waters – Best for Startups and Tech Business

Wirral Waters stands as an exceptional business location in Birkenhead due to its transformative urban redevelopment and commitment to sustainability. Formerly disused docks, this development has been revitalized into a forward-thinking commercial district. The emphasis on sustainable practices aligns well with the contemporary business ethos, attracting companies with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The location's proximity to the waterfront not only offers picturesque views but also fosters a unique working environment that can stimulate creativity and innovation. With a focus on mixed-use spaces, Wirral Waters offers a diverse range of opportunities for businesses across various industries, from tech startups to creative agencies. Its connectivity to transportation networks and neighboring areas ensures easy access for employees and clients alike.

The combination of modern design, environmental consciousness, and accessibility makes Wirral Waters an enticing prospect for businesses seeking an innovative and forward-looking workspace in Birkenhead. This development exemplifies the town's evolution towards a dynamic business landscape that values sustainability and growth in equal measure.

Wirral Business Park in Birkenhead

Wirral International Business Park – Best for Logistics and Manufacturing

Wirral International Business Park stands out as a premier business location in Birkenhead due to its strategic positioning and excellent logistical advantages. Situated near major roadways and in close proximity to the Port of Liverpool, this park offers seamless connectivity for businesses involved in manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.

The park's well-designed infrastructure provides cost-effective and adaptable units that cater to a range of business sizes and industries. Its location within a bustling economic corridor ensures a steady flow of potential customers and collaborators. The surrounding business environment fosters a sense of synergy, making it an ideal destination for businesses seeking networking and partnership opportunities.

The accessibility of Wirral International Business Park, coupled with its proximity to key transportation nodes, grants businesses a competitive edge in terms of efficient supply chain management and customer engagement. For companies looking to establish a strategic base that capitalizes on logistical convenience and business synergies, this business park offers a compelling proposition in Birkenhead.

Europa Boulevard – Best for Leisure and Entertainment Business

Europa Boulevard stands as a prominent and appealing business location in Birkenhead, offering a dynamic and vibrant setting for a variety of enterprises. Its proximity to major retail outlets and entertainment venues creates a lively atmosphere that can significantly benefit businesses in the hospitality, retail, and service sectors.

The strategic positioning of Europa Boulevard ensures consistent foot traffic from both local residents and visitors, providing ample opportunities for businesses to engage potential customers. The blend of commercial and leisure activities in the area establishes a diverse customer base, fostering networking and collaboration among neighboring businesses.

The location's accessibility and visibility enhance brand exposure and client interactions. For businesses seeking to establish a presence that is closely aligned with consumer trends and preferences, Europa Boulevard offers an enticing mix of convenience, commercial vibrancy, and potential for growth, making it a top choice for establishing a successful venture in Birkenhead.


These locations collectively showcase the multifaceted opportunities Birkenhead presents for businesses across various sectors. Using the GetPlace platform, you will be able to evaluate each of the locations in Birkenhead from the exact point of view of business analytics and understand where it is better to open a business. Try it today!

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