Frome Business Park

Frome Business Park – Best for Enterprise

Frome Business Park stands as one of the most appealing business locations in Frome, Somerset. Its prime attributes make it a favored choice for various enterprises. Offering modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, it provides an ideal setting for companies seeking efficient and up-to-date workspaces. Its strategic positioning near major transportation routes ensures easy accessibility for both clients and employees, contributing to seamless operations and business growth. The park's versatile spaces cater to diverse needs, from office spaces for administrative functions to research and development facilities for innovation-driven ventures. Its professional environment fosters networking and collaboration, amplifying opportunities for synergy among businesses. Altogether, Frome Business Park is a compelling choice for businesses aiming to thrive in a contemporary, well-connected, and dynamic setting.

Town Center – Best for Retail and Hospitality Business

Frome Town Center emerges as a captivating business locale in Somerset, drawing attention due to its distinctive attributes. Steeped in history and charm, the cobbled streets and historic architecture create an inviting ambiance that appeals to both locals and visitors. This vibrant atmosphere provides a unique backdrop for retail and hospitality businesses, fostering a sense of community engagement and brand visibility. The artisan and craft scene further enhances its allure, offering a platform for creative studios and boutique shops to flourish. With a diverse range of existing businesses, the town center forms a hub of activity that facilitates foot traffic and exposure. Its central location makes it easily accessible, contributing to a steady flow of customers. In essence, Frome Town Center offers businesses the advantage of an enchanting setting, strong local connections, and a blend of tradition and innovation that can amplify their success.

Saxonvale – Best for Real Estate and Creative Business

Saxonvale presents a compelling case as a top-tier business destination in Frome, Somerset. Anchored in a visionary regeneration project, it holds immense potential for various enterprises. This ambitious redevelopment initiative aims to transform a former industrial site into a dynamic mixed-use area, encompassing commercial spaces, housing, and recreational facilities. The project's holistic approach ensures a balanced ecosystem, fostering a vibrant environment that draws businesses and visitors alike. Its strategic location within the town enhances accessibility, ensuring a steady influx of customers and clients. The blend of modern architecture with historical context adds a unique character to the area, fostering an atmosphere conducive to innovation and creativity. In essence, Saxonvale represents a forward-looking opportunity for businesses to thrive within an integrated community, replete with amenities, connectivity, and a progressive outlook.

Marston Trading Estate

Marston Trading Estate – Best for Manufacturing Business

Marston Trading Estate stands out prominently as a prime business locale in Frome, Somerset. Its appeal lies in its combination of strategic advantages that cater to diverse industry needs. The estate offers a range of affordable industrial units, making it an attractive choice for manufacturing and distribution businesses aiming to optimize their operations. Its strategic location near major transportation routes ensures efficient supply chain management and accessibility for clients and partners. The estate's adaptable spaces allow for customization, accommodating the specific requirements of various enterprises. Over the years, it has garnered a reputation for reliability and convenience, further bolstering its appeal. In essence, Marston Trading Estate offers businesses a practical yet dynamic setting where functionality, accessibility, and affordability converge, making it an optimal choice for those seeking expansion or relocation opportunities.

Vallis Trading Estate - Best for Office Spaces

Vallis Trading Estate stands as a prominent business destination in Frome, Somerset, distinguished by its well-established presence and versatile offerings. With a mix of light industrial units and office spaces, it caters to a wide spectrum of business needs, making it an attractive choice for startups, SMEs, and established companies alike. The estate's adaptable spaces provide flexibility for businesses to evolve and grow as needed. Its strategic location offers ease of access and visibility, ensuring a steady flow of clients and customers. Over time, the estate has cultivated a professional and collaborative environment, fostering networking opportunities and synergistic partnerships. Its reputation for reliability and diverse amenities further enhances its appeal. In summary, Vallis Trading Estate offers businesses a conducive and well-rounded ecosystem that supports growth, innovation, and connectivity, making it a prime consideration for those seeking a dynamic business location.


In conclusion, Frome's business landscape is rich with options. The Frome Business Park, town center, Saxonvale project, Marston Trading Estate, and Vallis Trading Estate each offer distinct advantages and cater to different business needs, from modern offices to creative studios and industrial units. To better understand business analytics, use the GetPlace platform. Easy-to-use charts, detailed data and the ability to track competitor businesses in real time - try it today!

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